Breakfast Club

Breakfast club starts at 7.40 am

Morning Arrival

The school day starts at 9am. (Nursery 8.45am)

Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 should use Sidlaw Road entrance. We operate a staggered arrival system from 8.50am when staff will be on the playground and at the doors to meet children.

Children in Years 2-6 should use the main school playground entrance. We have introduced a staggered arrival/start to the day from 8.50am to alleviate congestion and allow children to be settled in classes ready to start lessons.

Parents with siblings that enter at both school entrances can take all children to the Sidlaw Road entrance. Children will then be met by a member of staff who will take them on a walking bus through school to their classrooms.

End of the Day

School finishes at 3.10pm, Reception and Year 1 should use the Sidlaw Road entrance.

Years 2-6 should use the main playground entrance.