Welcome to Our Lady Of The Most Holy Rosary Catholic Academy

Our Mission Statement

Our school is a family bound together in God’s love.

We recognise that we are all unique and we value the gifts and talents of each member of our community.

Through our nurturing environment, we strive to ensure each one of us reaches our full potential. We work hard, try our best, and accept mistakes as opportunities for learning.

Created by staff, pupils, Governors and parents – November 2015.

School Profile

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Academy is a small, Voluntary Aided school with approximately 200 pupils aged between 3 and 11 years. Our Early Years Unit is for 30 Reception pupils and our Nursery is for 26 pupils offering both Morning and Afternoon sessions. Within our numbers, we have 12 spaces for our 30 hours Nursery provision. We create a safe and secure Christian environment where all may achieve their full potential and feel a sense of pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others. We provide an excellent broad and balanced curriculum to inspire and motivate pupils of all abilities and establish a basic structure for life long learning. We value all members of the school community as unique individuals and we celebrate the diverse nature of our community. Together we live our school life within the Catholic Ethos that makes our school unique. We nurture self discipline, self-respect, courtesy, good manners and a caring attitude towards other people, the local environment and the wider world. We develop and maintain a positive and fulfilling partnership between children, parents, teachers and all others working within the school. The school has very strong links with the parish and the local community.

School Aims

To underpin and enhance the Catholic dimension of the education we offer, we will sustain our pursuit of a number of aims by:

  • Raising pupils’ standards of attainment, informed by the expected levels of performance
  • Maintaining expectations for each pupil’s highest achievements, based appropriately on their individual potential.
  • Developing further the partnerships which support learning by involving pupil, parent, teacher, parish and community.
  • Promoting continuous and growing respect for others.
  • Encouraging values which foster self-esteem, pride and responsibility.
  • Providing learning experiences of consistently high quality teaching.
  • Ensuring equal access to learning opportunities for every pupil.
  • Teaching and learning which respond fully to the range of pupils’ needs.
  • Maintaining consistently well organised and managed classrooms which set and enable high expectations and encourage independence in learning.
  • Emphasising the key skills of English, Oracy, Mathematics, Computing and providing opportunities for their use.
  • Offering an ordered curriculum which teaches knowledge and skills systematically, ensures pupils’ entitlement to the New Primary Curriculum, and promotes understanding through planned themes, dimensions, experiences and units of work.
  • Evaluating the impact on learning, of the provision we offer.