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Our children are taught in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum. We ensure through careful planning, that we present a broad and balanced curriculum, which stretches the most able and support the least able pupils. To this end we use a variety of teaching methods according to the needs of the children and the nature of the work.
Class teachers prepare programmes of study outlining the curriculum planned for the different age groups each year.

Teaching and Learning Policy

The main aim of this policy is to enable each child to reach his or her maximum potential. To do this a peaceful environment has to be created in which tolerance, mutual co-operation and stability are encouraged so that each child can work productively, learn to make decisions, use his or her own judgement and co-operate courteously with others. As a school we are trying to achieve these high standards by responding professionally, sensitively and caringly to the needs of all our pupils.

Within these broad guidelines, teaching and learning within the school will:

Raise achievement and attainment for all children

Develop confident, disciplined and enquiring learners

Foster a love of learning

Increase personal responsibility

Ensure equal opportunities in relation to gender, race, class, ability, belief and culture

Provide a safe and happy work place

Please feel free to contact the school on 01642 552274 if you have any questions regarding our school curriculum.

If you would like to find out any further information about the curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher or any member of the senior management team.