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Place2Be Resources & Activities

This website has some wonderful ideas that can support our children whilst at home. https://www.place2be.org.uk/our-services/services-for-schools/mental-health-resources-for-schools/return-to-school-resources/

The four themes support community recovery. These themes are Self -efficiency, Hope, Gratitude and Connectedness.

  1. ‘Self-efficacy is the belief that we can make a difference and have strengths we can draw on in times of challenge’. Discuss with your child why it is important to believe in ourselves and share the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. The moral from the story is that sometimes a challenge may feel too difficult and almost impossible. With self-belief and determination, it is possible to get through the most challenging times.

Think about how you can support your child in having a ‘I can’ attitude, remain positive and set some goals.

  1. ‘Hope has been described as “a personal rainbow of the mind”, with the rainbow being used as a symbol of hope in many households during the coronavirus pandemic’. Share the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ with your child and discuss how it must have been difficult for Noah and his family to stay on the Ark for so long. Talk about how they may have felt and link it to how they may be feeling now. Why is the rainbow important at the end of the story?

Maybe you could create a dream catcher to hang in a special place. Think about dancing to songs about hope – ‘Don’t stop believing’ or ‘Things can only get better’ for example. You could also draw pictures that represent hope, flowers blooming or sunrises.


  1. ‘Studies suggest that finding things to be thankful for is important for our wellbeing’. Discuss what it means to be grateful. How do we show we are grateful? How does it feel when others show us gratitude? Create a postcard to send to a family member or friend saying thank you. Take a walk around the local area, thinking about all the things we see and hear and often take for granted.

  1. ‘After some time away from each other, humans often have a strong desire to re-connect’. Think about how we can support each other during challenging times. Sing songs, plant some flowers, dance together and play games.