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School Meals

We now offer three choices of meals every day and your child can choose either the Red, Green or Blue meal option.

Children will have the choice of three main course meals, which they will select at morning registration. There will be a red, green and a blue main course for children to choose from and they wear either a coloured sticker or they collect a coloured card on their way into the hall to indicate their choice. The meals will be cooked to order and plated ready for children when they arrive in the hall, ensuring all children receive their preferred choice regardless of what sitting their class is on. This will also speed up the lengthy queuing system in the hall. Each day there will be a choice of a hot pudding, yoghurt and a biscuit or fresh fruit for desert.

Parents can view the menus for the whole term below, which works on a eight weekly rotation.

The cost of school lunches is £2.20 for Key Stage 2 children