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Mini Vinnies

The Society of St Vincent de Paul has been engaging with young people and education since its earliest days.

This Society helps people who are facing problems such as:
◾Poverty: not enough money to pay for basic necessities.
◾Hunger: some families have only one meal per day if they are lucky.
◾Unemployment: sometimes parents have to go out every day and search for work.
◾No home or poor quality housing: some families of 8 or more live in one room.
◾No education: some families cannot pay for schooling or children cannot go to school because they need to work to help their parents feed the family.

Mini Vinnies Newsletter Spring 19

Mini Vinnies Newsletter Autumn 18

Mini Vinnies Food Bank Friday

Our Mini Vinnies team was established in 2015, and since then we have supported many charities and our school friends by organising prayer and reflection opportunities across the year, particularly during Lent and Advent. We have our own jobs within our team and we love having this special responsibility! We intend to live by our moto of ‘Turning Concern into Action’.

If you would like to see what we do, please click onto the links above to read our Mini Vinnie’s newsletters. You may also like to see what other Mini Vinnie’s do in other parts of the country, so follow this link.

To find out more visit www.minivinnies.org.uk