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House Liturgies Candle Time

Holy Rosary is organised into a Pastoral Group system; the four school Houses underpin our Faith and pastoral life and are named after Northern saints, St. Wilfrid, (Blue), St. Bede (Yellow), St. Cuthbert (Green) and St. Aidan (Red). All adults and children belong to one of these Houses, together with their brothers and sisters.

House Liturgies: Each fortnight, members of each House gather together to celebrate a short liturgy and reflection. Our Pupil Chaplains are developing their leadership roles during these times. Parents and Governors are invited to join their children.

Year 6 pupils are appointed as House Captains and some older pupils in Year 5 and 6 act as pupil chaplains for their pastoral groups.

The children in each House have written their own prayer, designed their own logo, chosen their own hymn and written a vision statement together.

Candle Time: These four-part class liturgies take place fortnightly, and the children are becoming very confident when planning for and delivering these.